Studio city is a hotel & casino resort located in Macau. This special resort is the first of its kind to integrate television, film production, retail, gaming & hotel within one compound. Opened in 2015 with a US$2 billion project budget, Studio CIty is a unique venture which combines an eclectic vision of contemporary design, entertainment & attractions.


The hotel is comprised of two iconic towers that are connected by a golden figure 8 ferris wheel. A haven for the best entertainment, Studio City boasts an incredible interior which is fitted out with elements from the Architecture and Goods Furniture Catalogue.


The interior exudes an atmosphere which is both sensual & relaxing. The guest can have the best dining experience in this magnificent and stylish area. Dark walls are livened up with eccentric ceiling lighting and artwork. A sophisticated blend of dining table and chairs continue to make the space stylish and timeless. The white bar tables stand out from the crowd, clearly divid the dining area to bar area which allows people to meet and chat with others more comfortable with snacks and drinks.